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power gap in Africa!

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solution at a time!

UrbanPlug was born out of the need to solve Africa’s power issues by using new forms of renewable energy in sustainable and efficient ways to ensure power available is reliable anywhere in Africa.

Get Plugged
in for life!

We are a renewable energy company that provides top-quality, sustainable power solutions accessible to any individual, community, or business on the African continent. We are Africa’s Power plug.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to design and build sustainable energy solutions that bridge the power gap in Africa. We’re bridging the wide power gap in Africa, one sustainable solution at a time.

Our Vision

We envision an Africa where most people are focused on doing what matters in their lives without worrying about power.

Our Values


Our solutions offer you:

Reduced Power Cost

Consistent Power Supply

Optimized Power Usage

Sustainable Power Solutions

Cutting-edge sustainable power solutions that meet your energy needs!

We create custom power solutions using renewable energy sources and other power generation sources for domestic, commercial, and utilitarian purposes.

Power Backups

Store energy usable during power outages, and carry power accessible to you on the move or in off-grid remote locations. Our Power Backup solutions guarantee you reliable power at all times for your power needs. They are perfect for powering your homes and small offices/shops during blackouts, keeping your professional tools and gadgets powered while away from grid power, and serving as a source of power on your camping trips and in off-grid remote locations.


Portable Power Stations


Inverter Power Backup System


Hybrid Solar System

Cost-Saving Commercial Power Solutions

Let’s face the fact, running all those air conditioning or heating units, power-hungry machines and equipment can be a real pocket drainer to your business and investments. It’s time to save on your energy costs and channel those savings into growing your business. UrbanPlug’s energy cost savings solutions for commercial and industrial power usage provide what they claim, helping you hugely save costs on your commercial enterprises and endeavors. With Grid-tie and Hybrid solar systems at your disposal, you have the opportunity to cut costs and save money with reliable power at all times.


Grid-tie Solar System


Hybrid Solar System


Water Heating Solar System

Off-Grid Power Solutions

Not having access to grid power can be one daunting experience for an individual, professional, or business. Finding yourself or having your business in an off-grid or remote area does not mean life or business must come to a halt. UrbanPlug has the ideal off-grid power solution to keep you plugged and stay connected. Our Off-Grid Power solutions give you the ability to stay off the grid with accessible power, maintainable for long periods with devices that can get powered quickly making your off-grid and on-road activities enjoyable and stress-free.


Off-Grid Solar System


Solar Generators

eMobility Charging Solutions

For your electric bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and cars, the use of photovoltaics and solar energy has now paved the way for sustainable mobility, increased efficiency, and savings on energy costs. You’re pursuing a cheaper alternative for charging your EVs using self-generated solar power and sourcing less from the grid. Not only that but ensuring the convenience of using EVs with eased charging via EV charging docks much like fuel stations. Harness solar energy for all your EV needs, whether at home, at work, or on the go!


Home EV Charging


Public EV Charging


Parking Lots EV Charging

Solution Tiers

For every power need, we have custom solutions that cut across different applications and markets, efficient for you and all businesses. The following categories define them:


Our residential solutions provide reliable power sources and backups to meet the needs of the individual(s) in their homes, apartments, estates, hotels, etc., reducing their power costs.

Commercial &

Our top-quality solutions cater to people, businesses, and industries who need constant power for commercial purposes with higher needs. They help you keep business running, whether on the grid, off-grid, or in remote locations. For Small Medium Enterprises, Warehouses, Factories, Shopping Malls, Multi-story Offices, etc., we’ve got you covered.

Utility &

Our highly specialized solutions, like utility-scale facilities and microgrids, focus on connecting local & rural communities to power. These solutions also increase grid power supply to manufacturing & state facilities, utility-scale solar farms, and disaster-prone localities.

Guaranteed maximum efficiency and performance from quality power products!

We have top-of-the-line solar and power products that help you access sustainable energy whenever and wherever. Our products range from high-quality Power Inverters / Chargers, Solar Charge Controllers and Components, to Solar Panels, Portable Power Stations, Batteries, and Accessories. UrbanPlug is the best place to shop for all your solar and power products with a guaranteed after-sale heroic support and warranty. Individuals, Organizations, Installers, and Resellers can always count on UrbanPlug for their constant supplies without having to worry about quality, availability, and support

Solar Panels

Jinko Solar and Trina Solar are our trusted manufacturers for our quality, low-maintenance Solar Panels (PV modules), providing you with high solar yield efficiencies.

Tiger Pro
72HC Monofacial

HC 72M

490W TSM-DE15V
(II) MBB / 470 – 490W

Honey M Plus


From Victron Energy & fronius International, these are value for money, high-grade European products and industry-approved.

MultiPlus (500VA – 1600VA)

Fronius GEN24 Plus


Fronius SYMO Hybrid


Fronius TAURO Hard Shell,
Smart Core

EasySolar-II GX

Fronius PRIMO
GEN24 Plus

Solar Charge Controllers (MPPTs)

Get all your Victron Energy manufactured Solar Charge Controllers (MPPT) with durability and capability at its core that measures up to industry standard from us!

MPPT 75/10, 100/15 & 100/20

SmartSolar MPPT
150/35 & 150/45

SmartSolar MPPT
150/45 up to 250/70

SmartSolar MPPT
150/70 up to 250/100 VE


Our Lithium Battery products from BYD and Freedom Won have a longer lifespan, fast charge rate and last longer for any power required activity or purpose. 

BYD Battery Box Premium LVS

BYD Battery Box Premium LVL

Freedom Won LiTe
Battery (LiFePO4)

LiFePO4 Deep
Cycle Battery
100 Ah 12V GC2

Portable Power Stations

Never worry about having power when you’re off the grid or on the road. Our Portable Power Stations from Ecoflow guarantee that you have access to power wherever and whenever. Eco-friendly power solutions that enable you to live, dream, and explore without limits





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With top partners who have high-level expertise and craftsmanship, every product we offer is top-quality and built to supply all your energy needs.

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